“God is your resting place; no more struggles!” – says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


“You’re About to Start a New Journey!” — Pastor Chris at the O2 Arena
Experience spirit-inspired highlights of the first night with Pastor Chris in the O2 Arena.
The second session of the watershed event, the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris in the uk, is now on with thousands soaking in the glorious manifest presence of God for their transformation. Memories of last night’s experience stoke the embers of our religion in anticipation for much more at a program declared by the man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, to be the start of a new journey of success!
At the opening of this conference, the highly prestigious CEC Member and Director of Church Ministry, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, charged the crowd to reach out for God’s Word like a guy with just one opportunity at “a diamond suspended over an ocean”. With such a vivid analogy, each spiritual antenna was raised to pick God’s fine signals of blessings and His glorious impartations of elegance.
Words fail to describe the moments in the man of God, Pastor Chris, Started to unveil God’s Word to the congregation. “Living the higher life is living the Word; you stop from the struggles,” Pastor Chris said to the delegation from many European nations. The man of God further said, “[God] is your resting place; no more struggles!”


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