Leaders of the African Future – an Initiative by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome



The president of Christ EmbassyPastor Chris Oyakhilome initiated The Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation which is providing solutions to problems in Africa by working together with bright young Africans who have ideas on how to address the various social issues. Also, the initiative celebrates the passion for change and makes sure that young people are given the opportunity to make their ideas come true and fight for the better future.

On the 7th of February 2017, Joel Tiago, a self-inspired youth from Angola hosted a Future Africa Leaders’ Summit at his alma mater, Windhoek Namibia, Khomas High School. At the Future Africa Leaders’ Summit, over 103 students were present in addition to school teachers and members of the Learning Representative Council.

The program featured distinct speakers who instructed the learners on various topics that were educative and inspiring.

A lovely song presentation from was spoken words, along with staged by the school choir.

Joel, the Convener, rounded off by charging them to become their best through the correct use of knowledge. He motivated them be their best in all endeavours, to be able to be fully equipped with amazing ideas for creations and to give extreme attention to education

Over time, Joel’s outstanding work has affected over 1 million youths and high school students across Portuguese-speaking countries for example his country Angola, Cape Verde, Madagascar and Mozambique.

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