Concerning The International Easter Youth Camp

Christ Embassy and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has a unique program for the youth of the world to attend a transformation camp providing friendships with like-minded youths around the world to become Ambassadors for Christ. This International Easter Camp from April 13th to April 20th in Johannesburg, South Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Our faithful donors have provided this at no cost (travel restrictions apply) to the applicants who pre-book and register.

Inspiring the Youth: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at Christ Embassy

Everyone needs a little bit of inspiration, in order for them to successfully navigate their lives and be happy. When considering the youth, this group is the most vulnerable to manipulation, yet they are also the most perceptive in learning new ideas and concepts. The Christ Embassy Online is holding an International Easter Youth Camp, where kids and teenagers will have the ability to gain knowledge on the word of the gospel. This event is scheduled from April 13th to the 20th.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the International Easter Youth Camp?

Ans. The International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris is a program of Believers’ Loveworld, organized by the Healing School, together with the aim of impacting young people around the world who are between the ages of 21 and 13 years using the unique message of the gospel.

The International Easter Youth Camp provides the participating youths an opportunity to see the Healing School where they are transformed into passionate ambassadors of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With exciting camp activities, trips and special forums, youth from different countries interact with one another, fostering new friendships and inspiring each other to do more.

The high points of the Youth Camp comprise impartation meetings and extraordinary teaching where the youth are full of a renewed zeal to modify their world with all the Gospel.

How and when may I attend?

Ans. The 2017 International Easter Youth Camp is scheduled to hold from the 13th to 20th of April in Johannesburg, South Africa.

To attend, you might be required to register through some of the following:

(c) Send an e-mail to

(d) Or call some of the following numbers: (and select the ‘REGISTER NOW’)

(b) Install the Healing School mobile program, click register and find the proper categories

27 11 326 2467, 27 11 787 2350, 27 79 967 5852- 234 802 218 3654, 3.

Pre -publication and confirm your registration as accessible spaces are limited.

What’s the entrance fee, and what else do I require?

Ans. Attending the International Easter Youth Camp is free. Once registration has been verified, however, participating youths should make their own travel arrangements. Upon ending of travel plans, kindly send your trip itinerary to, so that people could make adequate plans for airport pick up and other logistics.

NB: For minors, parents/guardians might be required manage communicating together with the IEYC Office and to make these arrangements.

Depending on your own nation, perhaps you are needed to procure a visa to go to South Africa. For advice on visa application, or to see whether your country is exempted for visa, kindly go to

How long am I supposed to stay in the Camp?

Campers will be in the Youth Camp for 8 days, from the start of the program to the conclusion. Additionally, kindly be informed the youths will be expected to participate in most activities; including special sessions and meetings, sporting trips, events, interviews, cultural and educational programs, etc.

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, campers will have the opportunity to engage with their peers, and the will have the opportunity to learn more about themselves, as well as the Lord. Visit for more information on how to signup; it is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss and is hosted by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Keep in mind traveling internationally may require a visa, passport, and other pertinent information that takes time. We are here to assist you and your child with any immigration necessities and prepare you and your child for a transformational event filled with Christian and Christ-centered love, understanding, and acceptance so that these can be transferred to others throughout your child’s life. Contact us at:

Phone: +27 11 326 2467


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