What is the Most Beautiful Manner to Celebrate Chirstmas…

Lord Jesus was born on December 24th, so there are four weeks until Christmas … as well http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/fox-news-reporting/2010/12/23/birth-jesus as the cracking pace to prepare for the festive season has begun.

Christmas is a time we celebrate with a holiday, cards, gifts, decorated trees, cake and special food and is an occasion when families and friends gather together to share love, happiness and hopefully peace.

But what of the weeks before this special day? How will we prepare because of this amazing time of the year?

Frequently we find that we have been so busy with the groundwork that the actual meaning of the celebration just vanishes among the disorderly shopping, decorating and endless Christmas gatherings and parties.

Additionally it is the word from which our English word adventure is derived, meaning to undertake expertise or a venture in life.

As we journey together in these next weeks I trust and pray that we shall be getting ready for the birth of Jesus in two ways.

Take an experience this Advent that will bring us to a Christmas that is filled with expectation, refreshment, serenity and love

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